3 Ways to Help Tackle the Rest of the School Year

Schools are now officially half-way through an unprecedented year where abrupt shifts to virtual and hybrid learning remain top of mind. 2020 came with many challenges for schools and educators, including device shortages and changes to curriculum planning. Through it all, we’ve notably found one thing to be true: the strength and endurance of our educators are incredible. 

With 2021 in full swing, there are few things educators may want to consider to maintain necessary support for educators, parents, and students. 

1. E-Learning Fatigue

Although many worldwide are now experts in e-learning, it doesn’t take away from the fatigue caused by it. It may vary day-by-day, but the fact remains that this new normal has proven to have all parties feeling disconnection and unmotivated. This is similar to many working from their new home office or couch. 

So the question remains, how do you combat it? Switching up the curriculum or supplementary learning tools can be an easy way to do just that. Videos have been a great way for students to stay engaged, but allow teachers to take breaks during the day. Other ideas are limiting your screen time to school work, stretching and exercising every now and then, and making an extra effort to talk to each other on a human level instead of speaking to a screen. 

2. Getting Feedback From Parents

Parents played a greater role in e-learning and they may prove to have insight that is helpful as educators tweak their program or curriculum. From how homework is issued to keeping students engaged, they could provide educators with some new ideas to help combat the fatigue mentioned above. 

This could also help parents to feel more engaged or appreciated for their newfound role in learning and remain a strong ally for the remainder of the year. Some areas of feedback an educator could ask for are their curriculum, homework, communication, or even general check-in on their student’s mental or emotional state.

3. Technology Refresh

Schools will find that their devices endured a greater amount of damage this year. If too many devices are near an unusable state, refreshing students’ technology will inevitably become a hot topic, as there still remains uncertainty about how e-learning will continue next school year. With all the stress of the school year, this topic could be a low priority, but an important one to consider adding back to the to-do list. 

Device Buyback programs are the easiest way to replenish an IT budget and can prove to be lucrative depending on the partner you select. Obtaining quotes and locking in pricing now could allow schools to receive more money than allowing devices to depreciate in value. 


With all that being said, understand that we are all going through challenges this year and adapting to our current circumstances is key. By trying to mitigate e-learning fatigue, getting feedback from parents, and refreshing your technology, we hope this will make the second half of this school year a breeze. And if you are interested in refreshing your technology with a device buyback, contact us today!

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