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The 2020-2021 school year has brought on unprecedented challenges for educators and administrators alike. This has caused schools to implement creative solutions to meet the needs of students and parents. E-learning and hybrid programs are here to stay for the foreseeable future, adding a good deal of stress and pressure to a much-needed industry. To help combat these challenges, we’ve compiled a few of our partners’ top picks for e-learning tools. 


Screencastify - Screen Recording I Free!

Screencastify is a Google Chrome extension that can be used to record teaching demonstrations by capturing the screen, voice and video of the user. This tool can be extremely useful when teaching students difficult concepts or communicating with parents on new procedures. School staff can use this tool as well to facilitate meetings or share professional development strategies.

Schoology Audio & Video - LMS System I Prices Varies

Schoology is a learning management system that provides teachers the opportunity to create and manage lessons, engage their students and share school content all within the platform. Parents and students are able to complete and view assignments and grades by using their own Schoology login. Schoology also has calendar features to show when assignments are due and any upcoming events or changes students and parents should be aware of. 


Go Formative - Homework & Grading  I $17 Per User

Go Formative is an interactive site that allows educators to either upload their own assignments or create new assignments for students to complete and submit within the application. Students can login to the platform to view all current assignments and their due dates. The site also offers teachers the ability to create a grading key for each assignment. Go Formative will correct these assignments based on the grading key, giving teachers more time to tackle other projects. Assignment grades will be kept in Go Formative gradebook for teachers to view. 

Kahoot! - Gamified Quizzes I $10 Per Month

As students learn from home, distractions can occur that could potentially affect their motivation. Kahoot is a customizable game that keeps students interested by creating competitive quizzes that students can play each other on. The quizzes can be created on any subject and the questions can be written by the teachers themselves. Each quiz is timed, motivating students to ask questions and submit their answers quickly to win. Students are able to interact with one another through the game, keeping them connected with their classmates.

Google Classroom - Classroom Management I Free!

The list of benefits Google Classroom holds is extensive. The application is free and can not only increase Classroom productivity but manage workflows. The platform allows teachers to view which students have missing work and provides real time updates on where students are at with each assignment. Google Classroom also offers a mobile app where students and teachers can get notifications on assignments and due dates sent directly to their phone. Online discussion forums can be facilitated through Google Classroom as well, keeping students engaged with their classmates. 


Pearson - Online Textbooks, Assignments, Quizzes I Starting at $29.99

Pearson has been well known in the education sector for quite some time making them a trusted resource. Their textbooks are available online and they also offer study materials and assignments that can be accessed straight through their website. They offer learning material for almost every subject and provide guided programs, giving students a smooth transition between each grade level. Pearson also offers resources for parents and students to receive study materials and learning guides for each of their classes.

McGraw Hill ConnectED - Online Textbooks, Assignments, Quizzes I Price varies

Similar to Pearson, McGraw Hill has been available for schools to use and access for quite some time. McGraw Hill is an e-learning resource that provides textbook access, homework assignments and quizzes all within their website. Instructors are able to set their own due dates for homework assignments and easily view grades. McGraw Hill can also be integrated into different platforms, such as Canvas, for easier use. Students are also able to answer questions through the ebook while reading through a chapter to help retain more information on the subject.

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