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2019 - A Year in Repair

December 19, 2019

2019 Repair Trends

As the new year comes quickly into view, it provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on some of the device repair trends we commonly saw in 2019.

Providing this knowledge allows for schools and consumers to better prepare themselves when purchasing new technology in 2020.

Listed below are the 3 most common repairs that we saw in 2019:

1. iPad 5 & 6 Digitizer Repair

While Apple iPad’s are known for their sleek look, and quick touch, the digitizers can be very fragile when placed in the hands of students. Digitizers are commonly mistaken for the LCD. The digitizer, however, is the electronic glass component that enables the touch capabilities and sits overtop of the LCD. If an iPad is not covered by a case and falls onto hard flooring, the possibility of a cracked digitizer is very likely. The best way to avoid these repairs is to protect the devices. Applying a screen protector, or rugged case to the device prevents the digitizer from future cracks.

2. Lenovo 100e Keyboard Repairs

Key replacements are one of the more common repairs among Chromebooks, as well as one of the easier repairs. It can be hard to decide if a device is in need of just a key replacement or if the damage is deeper, and the entire keyboard needs to be replaced. If you can see the plastic nub then the cap of the key has popped off, and you can easily repair this yourself if you have a replacement cap. If you do not see the plastic nub or if there is any damage to the underlying bracket, the repair is much more complicated and the entire keyboard needs to be replaced. These repairs are seen more frequently in the Lenovo 2nd Generation 100e Chromebook, and were one of the more common repairs seen throughout 2019.

3. Dell Chromebook 11 3120 LCD Repairs

The Dell Chromebook 11 3120’s are one of the most popular student-used devices . The light weight, easily transportable device runs quickly and provides a nice amount of storage capacity. However, if the device is not properly cased, broken LCDs are a common problem. Although LCD repairs on this model are generally easier than other models to complete, it can still take valuable study time away from the student while in repair.

Reflecting on past year’s repairs and device trends can provide schools and consumers with the knowledge and capabilities to save money and reduce device breakage. This means keeping Chromebooks and iPads in the hands of students, instead of being sent out for repair.

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