4 Solid Tips on Refreshing Your Class Devices

This school year has been unlike any other we have seen before. With many schools turning to remote learning due to Coronavirus, most plans for device retirement have been pushed aside to meet student’s urgent technology needs for remote learning. 

Although device retirement may have been delayed this year, many schools still face a need to refresh their technology, and are willing to do so during the school year, rather than the Summer. We have compiled some tips on how to successfully retire devices during the school year and to help schools get the most ROI for their outdated Chromebooks & iPads right now.

Choose the Right Partner

To avoid any unnecessary stress when completing a device retirement during the school year, it’s essential to select a partner that can tailor their services to best fit your needs while also providing the most return on your retired assets. The best partner for this should offer the following -

  1. White Glove Pick Up Service: White glove is a service where the buying partner physically comes to your location and picks up your batch of devices. This is especially helpful because coordinating shipping and pickups with postal carriers can be time consuming and could lead to delays in receiving your full payout. Working with a buying partner who provides a White Glove Pickup service eliminates the stress of logistics. Also, the buying partner may count the devices on-site, which will avoid any discrepancies that could occur during shipping. This gives the school peace of mind knowing that their devices will not be damaged during shipping, are fully counted, and any questions are answered on site with a trusted representative.

  2. Transparent Reconciliation/Payout Reports: One of the most important aspects of the buyback process is knowing exactly what you are getting out of each device that is being purchased by a partnered company. Working with a team that provides a serialized spreadsheet that shows how each device was graded and the amount the school is receiving provides clarification and eliminates the chances of confusion when the final check is submitted to the school. 

  3. Data Security: Sadly, data breaches affect many schools across the country, and student data is accessed by hackers for criminal purposes. Ensuring your partner has been R2 certified eliminates the risk of your student’s data being in the hands of others online. R2 certified companies are audited frequently to ensure data is handled in the safest way possible. Click here to read more about the importance of R2 certifications. 

  4. Assessing Your Inventory: Another tip to ensure your device retirement is completed as smoothly as possible is to take the time to evaluate your inventory. Take the time to identify what is outdated and locate the best replacement device for that model. Recording your current device inventory can be made simpler by using the following software management programs:

Getting Started

If you are interested in learning more about our device buyback process, get ahold of one of our representatives to book a free consultation call today



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