3 Benefits of Purchasing a Repair Plan

3 Benefits of Purchasing a Repair Plans

When purchasing a large number of devices for your school or business it’s essential to have a strategy set into place for when the inevitable breaks occur. There are a variety of different coverage plans you can select to ensure you aren’t overspending on repairs. In this article, we have compiled some of the benefits your district will receive when participating in a repair plan. 

1. Extending the Life of Device 

Having a repair plan set into place can extend the life of your devices as well as the value. When they are in the hands of experienced and well-trained technicians, signs of the prior break are unlikely evident after the repair is completed. It’s also important to ensure the company you are partnering with for the repair plan offers the best quality replacement parts for the repair. This guarantees that once the devices reach the end of their life, the school or organization will be able to receive top dollar when retiring their devices

2. Manages Cash Flow

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a repair plan is that it can manage cash flow uncertainties. With a small fee for each repair plan upfront, there are no surprise charges for extra, unexpected repairs. This allows technology departments to accurately budget and allocate their remaining funds elsewhere.

3. Peace of Mind

Putting devices in the hands of younger students can sometimes cause an uneasy feeling that the devices may return broken or damaged. This feeling can grow stronger if the school may not have the allocated resources to pay for extra repairs throughout the year. With the purchasing of a repair plan, peace of mind is guaranteed as all breaks that occur are covered under your plan. 

If a repair plan sounds interesting to you, and you’d like to know more, we have a team that can help. Get a hold of one of our representatives to book a free consultation call today!

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