Why You Should Buy A Refurbished Device

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate today - devices with the latest technological developments are being released in the market every year. While most of us want to own the latest smartphone or laptop, the accompanying price tag often acts as a deterrent.

But there's a solution - one can always go for a refurbished product. These are used products that have been repaired and tested to work just like new, but come at a much lower price! Getting a refurbished device as opposed to a new one comes with its share of benefits. And if you are unsure of whether to take the plunge, here are a few of the advantages you should check out.

Benefits Of Buying Refurbished Devices

Refurbished devices are the more practical option to go for, especially when you want to try out products with the latest technology - but without the huge price tag. Here are some of the positive aspects of going for refurbished products.

  • Less Expensive
    We all know that a device with the latest technology is rather expensive. But refurbished options are generally cheaper while also giving you the efficiency of a new product. While the price of refurbished devices varies depending on the type and brand of the device, you can even get one at half the cost of a new one if you are lucky enough!
  • A Suitable Option For Businesses
    Businesses need to buy devices like laptops or computers for their employees. Getting one with the latest technology will ensure that it's compatible with all the new and evolving software needed for everyday tasks. Going for refurbished devices can cut the cost to a great extent while also allowing you to get up-to-date products.
  • Reduces The Negative Impact On The Environment
    Refurbished products are actually good for the environment. You see, when people go for new devices with upgraded technology, they tend to discard their old working devices, even if it is just a few months old. As a result, we end up with a lot of electronic waste every year, which affects the environment negatively. Going for refurbished products can eliminate this waste to a large extent, as it extends the product’s life cycle instead of ending up in landfills.


3 Things To Keep In Mind

While buying refurbished devices can be advantageous, you need to keep a few things in mind before purchasing one.

  1. Check the product properly before making the purchase - it should be in reasonably good condition. If it's not working as smoothly as a new one should, you're probably in for a bad bargain. The performance will only deteriorate over time, leading to more expenditure on further repairs.
  2. It’s always a good idea to buy refurbished devices directly from reputable retailers. With these types of retailers, you can be sure the product you're getting has been properly inspected and tested before reaching your hands. These types of retailers usually offer a return policy and warranty as well on the devices. Also, be sure to thoroughly read the description of the product you plan to purchase, there could be something they’re trying to hide like the device being iCloud locked, carrier locked, etc.
  3. Utilize social proof and your best judgement when purchasing used devices. There are plenty of shady sellers out there that may be attempting to pull a fast one on consumers. This is why it’s always a good idea to properly vet the sellers beforehand and look into what other consumers are saying about the company - if it’s mostly negative, it’s best to look elsewhere. 



Opting for a refurbished device gives more value at a considerably lower price - both for individual buyers and businesses buying in bulk. Moreover, it helps reduce the burden of electronic waste on the environment. If you are thinking of selling a used device, Tech Defenders is a good place to start and if you’re looking to buy a refurbished device, check out Device Refresh. Tech Defenders has a team of experienced professionals that specialize in buying, refurbishing, and reselling used devices to extend the device lifecycle for as long as possible and Device Refresh specializes in keeping devices as long as possible and selling them back to consumers.

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