3 Reasons You Should Sell Your School Devices

What is Re-marketing?

The term ‘re-marketing’ refers to the process of refurbishing or repairing old technology and then reselling those units for use in various markets.

Re-marketing used laptops/tablets is a win-win business model that we should all get behind! While IT departments can benefit financially from selling their used product… it is also so vital for the environment

Setting up a program for retiring your laptops, tablets, and desktops is a great decision for your district. Here are three main reasons why re-marketing IT assets is so valuable.


1. It Puts Money Back into Your Budget

When setting up your retirement program, it is good to understand the financial value that those old devices hold. There is a market for every single model of laptop, Chromebook, or tablet that has been manufactured, no matter the condition it is in. Re-marketing devices is a fast-growing industry focused exclusively on buying and selling mobile technology, and the reach is global. That is why Tech Defenders offers a Buyback program specifically designed for schools that allows partners to sell their broken and used devices for maximum value.

Your device fleet is worth more than you think, and selling it to be re-marketed will add more money back into your budget than ever before. Re-marketing devices provides you with more flexibility to purchase new IT and keep up with the speed of technology.


2. It’s Good for the Environment

When setting up an IT Asset retirement program for your school or organization, it is important to consider the environmental impact that it will have. Each year, globally, around 300 million computers are put into production and 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of worldwide, however, only about 12.5% of those tons are actually recycled… meaning that about 43 million metric tons are simply thrown in the trash. E-Waste is dangerous for the environment and overwhelming to our landfills, and waste centers across the world. The plastic, metal, and copper components do not decompose, as you can imagine, so this is not a problem that will go away.

This year alone, with the help of our partners, Tech Defenders was able to keep 246 tons of devices out of landfills. This is all thanks to our amazing partners who have chosen to re-market these products.


3. Provides Computers to Underserved Regions

Re-marketing mobile technology happens at many levels and in hundreds of markets throughout the world. When considering your fleet and the value that it has brought to the students of your school or your employees, think about the parts of the world that are not as fortunate as you and can’t afford a technology budget such as yours. Re-marketing mobile computers give those regions a chance to purchase Chromebooks, tablets, etc. at a heavy discount. Giving computer learning access to the students or other consumers, domestically and across the globe.

It allows our company to give back and close the digital divide. From donating Chromebooks to a local school to overseas in a remote village in Guatemala, our partners give us the opportunity to give generously to deserving organizations.


Final Thoughts

As technology advances, your device fleet ages, and it is inevitable that you will need to refresh those assets from time to time. Things to note: re-marketing programs can be called re-market, repurpose, buyback, or IT Asset Disposition (ITAD).

A typical retirement program refreshes all or some assets every 3-5 years (depending on condition and use case). Each year, the value of your IT assets will depreciate based on the age and condition of a device. The key to successfully running your program is planning.

At Tech Defenders, we are involved in every step of the way. If you are interested in getting a retirement program set up or just want to sell a portion of your fleet, contact us today!

What Our Partners Are Saying

“Tech Defenders has always been very responsive and easy to work with allowing our staff to focus on other needs. Additionally, the turnaround time is the best of any company we have worked with. We could be happier with our decision to partner with Tech Defenders. ”

Goonetilleke, Harendra
Pajaro United Valley School

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