What is R2v3 and what does it mean to you?

Last week, Tech Defenders passed a major milestone and was given the official certification for R2v3 from SERI. So what exactly is the R2v3 certification and why is it important to you as a partner of Tech Defenders? Stay with us and we'll answer all of these questions and more.

What is the R2v3 certification?

The R2v3 certification stands for Responsible Recycling. Originally created with guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is the global certification standard for the IT asset disposition (ITAD) industry. R2’s standards emphasize reusing and recycling over just managing electronic waste, with the goal of facilitating a truly circular lifecycle for IT equipment.

Why is it important?

Receiving this certification requires a rigorous set of standards to be consistently met. Both the warehouse staff that handles hazardous materials and the compliance team that is responsible for documenting the processes are required to maintain complete compliance. All the requirements to receive an R2v3 certification are put in place to protect people handling the equipment, reduce the amount of impact on the environment, keep data secure, and preserve resources in the disposal of IT waste.

What does this certification mean to you?

In a few words - peace of mind. The R2v3 certification signifies that we have gone above and beyond to ensure any data that ever existed on any device you sell to us is processed properly and that if your retired technology is ever recycled, it will be recycled in the safest, most environmentally friendly way. 


“Obtaining this R2v3 certification is a big step towards maintaining our overall goal of making technology affordable and keeping it out of landfills. This certification strengthens our commitment to that goal as well as demonstrates to our clientele that we stick to the core principles our business was built on. Our team has done a fantastic job preparing for this and I’m so proud of how quickly we’ve all adapted to the new regulations SERI has implemented.”

- Garry VonMyhr, CEO and Co-Founder of Tech Defenders


Why did we get these certifications? 

Considering the sensitivity around private information and the negative effect that e-waste has on our environment, it was important to us to certify our process. Obtaining the R2v3 certification was a long and tedious process, including an extensive audit of our facility. The end result allows us to provide transparency to our clients looking to identify and control their environmental impact and ensure the security of their data or hardware once it leaves our facility.


Benefit R2v3 Certified Not R2v3 Certified
Guaranteed Data Integrity
Brand Protection
Tracking Throughput
Recycling Accountability
Certified Third-Party Review
Minimized Environmental Risk


Benefits of the R2v3 Certification:

  • Promotes safe and effective reuse and recovery of electronic equipment and components
  • Emphasizes data security and the appropriate management of personal data
  • Provides a template for standardized labeling, testing protocols, and grading of both functionality and cosmetic condition of used electronics with reuse potential or a verified resale market
  • Accountability and downstream control of the recycling chain
  • Minimized environmental and public health risks
  • Demonstrates compliance with domestic and international laws
  • Minimizes liability and encourages reduced insurance costs for recyclers
  • Instills public confidence through certified third-party review

Why should your ITAD partner have it?

The R2v3 certification will ensure that your IT equipment is properly handled, especially when it comes to assets with sensitive data. For an ITAD company to maintain their certification, they are required to have extensive yearly audits. These audits require review of warehouse operations, proper documentation, and proof of exactly where your recycled equipment is being distributed. Make sure your ITAD partner is certified in R2 and moving towards getting certified for R2v3.

Learn more about the R2v3 standard and how it can benefit you by visiting the Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) website.

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