How Refurbished Devices Are Helping to Solve Important Issues

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

– Robert Swan, Author

It’s no secret that reusing something is better for the environment than throwing it in the trash. This is true for almost anything; cars, homes, computers, etc. While most of us own or would consider owning a used car… Many of us don’t think to buy a used computer or smartphone. Buying used, however, is more beneficial than we even realize, and might just be the answer that we’ve been searching for. 

Why Used Devices?

1. Environmental Impact

Buying a used device offers endless benefits to the environment. As technology continues to advance and grow, so does the amount of e-waste produced. Choosing a used device will elongate its life and help prevent toxic e-waste from occupying space in landfills. Electronic waste represents 2% of the waste stream discarded in American landfills, but it equals around 70% of toxic waste. (1)

2. Affordable Option

Buying used devices is typically half the market price of buying new. Consumers are usually able to get a feel for the efficiency and capabilities of used devices better as they have been out on the market longer. This allows users to select a device that best fits their needs. 

3. Accessibility

As the world embraces sustainability, we see buying behavior trending towards the reuse of available products. This has exponentially added used devices (such as Chromebooks, iPads, etc) into circulation and allows access to technology to improve dramatically, which we know, now more than ever is absolutely vital when handling an unexpected crisis. 

The global spreading of technology makes used devices available to mass markets and varying levels of household income. Mobile devices are becoming a popular option for everyone, not just the populations that have more money/means. 

Things to Consider When Buying

It’s pretty simple, but here are a few resources for you: 

1. Chromebooks are growing in popularity

Chromebooks can be a great choice when looking to purchase a used device. With automatic updates through Chrome OS, their functionality can become better with age. Software extensions can be added to Chromebooks to enhance their capabilities and performance years after purchase. Along with continuous updates, Google’s Cloud-Based system prevents data from being lost and provides the ability to be transferred to other Google compatible devices. It also supports e-learning systems that students are utilizing today. 

2. Data Security

This has become a hot topic as hacking and phishing have increased over the last decade. Working with a certified partner that ensures data wiping of each device you sell or even buy is essential. Before sealing the deal, be sure to verify the organization has industry-standard certifications like R2, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, & ISO 9001. 

Our Impact

In the past year, we have prevented 110 metric tons of devices from ending up in landfills. We are extremely proud of the impact we are making and look forward to continuing down this conscientious path. Our mission is simple: recover, revive, and reuse. 


Buy used, sell when you’re ready to upgrade – don’t throw in the trash. It is the best option for affordable mobile technology and supports the circular economy by helping reduce greenhouse emissions in our environment. 

If you are looking to buy or sell your used devices, contact us!

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