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How Can We Help?

19 March 2020

How Can We Help?

Our team remains committed to working diligently with schools and organizations in need of technology. We know now more than ever, you may be experiencing unprecedented challenges, so we would love to learn how we can help. 

Resources for You

  1. Refurbished Devices: To help meet the demand working from home solutions, we have various types of refurbished Chromebooks, iPads, & MacBooks for purchase. 

  1. Device Repair: We know that taking devices home can cause an uptick in damage. If you need assistance with your overflow, we have a team that can repair your product (starting at $79.99 per device) as needed. We also offer repair plans to support you during this time. 

To inquire about these services, please reach out to our Sales team at sales@techdefenders.com or use our contact form.